Worries about out-of-date criminal law on islands

Members of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament Chris van Dam and Joba van den Berg, both of the Christian Democratic Party CDA, find it inappropriate that an out-of-date criminal law can result in acquittal of specific criminal offenses in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. The case in question concerns a man A.W. who was just recently acquitted by the Court in Bonaire of having actually devoted sexual handling of a female who was under the influence of drugs, perhaps in mix with alcohol, and remained in a state of decreased awareness. The event happened in Bonaire in June in 2015. The Court acquitted the Curaçao-born man because, according to the Caribbean Netherlands Criminal Law, it is not punishable to voluntarily get in the body of a person who remains in a state of reduced awareness. It ended up being clear throughout the Court case that the female was not able to identify her will, which the suspect understood this. Nevertheless, the man was acquitted of rape charges.

Bothered by this advancement and that the Caribbean Netherlands criminal law is obsoleted, Members of Parliament (MPs) Van Dam and Van den Berg on Wednesday required clearness in their composed concerns to Minister of Justice and Security Ferd Grapperhaus. The MPs asked the Minister to validate the current case where the Court in Bonaire acquitted a suspect of powerful sexual handling. They would like to know the number of other acquittals there had actually been as an outcome of the out-of-date criminal legislation. Under the Penal Codes of the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten it is punishable to powerfully go into the body of a person who remains in a state of lessened awareness and who can not identify their own will because of the state they remain in. The MPs asked why the criminal legislation in the Caribbean Netherlands varied from the law in other parts of the Kingdom when the Caribbean Netherlands Criminal Law would be adjusted and/or modernized. 2 other MPs also sent composed concerns about the Caribbean Netherlands on Wednesday. Linda Voortman and Liesbeth van Tongeren, both of the green left party GroenLinks, asked State Secretary of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops about the Dutch assistance for social real estate jobs on the islands, in specific Bonaire.

The MPs wished to know whether it was appropriate that Knops did not intend on assisting in a financial assurance so the Bonaire real estate structure FCB might start a US $36 million task to develop 500 new houses. The MPs asked regarding the function of Dutch real estate corporations in social real estate jobs in Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. Voortman and Van Tongeren inquired about the level of the scarcity of cost effective and social real estate in the Caribbean Netherlands, and what means the islands had at their disposal to tackle this issue. They advised Knops to make rush in taking on the lack, also due to the high hardship rate on the islands.

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